Wedding Guest Attire

Wedding Guest Attire

Recently I was talking to a friend about what to wear to a wedding, when she suggested I write something about it (shout out to Skylar). There’s no general rule of thumb for guest attire (except for jeans; jeans should always be a no in my opinion), but hopefully these little hints will help you next time you find yourself peering wide-eyed into your closet.

1. You can get a feel for the wedding theme based off of the invite. Are there fancy details and swirly fonts? The wedding may be more black-tie. Is the font more relaxed? Your attire can be too.

2. If you know the couple well, your look can go off that too. If the betrothed pair are more relaxed in general it’s unlikely they’ll be throwing a black-tie and extremely proper affair.

3. You could always look up the venue for additional help; is it a barn, a country club, a grass field, a church, or a backyard? Ladies, you’re not going to want to go for the strappy heels if you’re going to be walking in grass all day. And you probably wouldn’t wear that fancy, gorge, long dress to a backyard wedding whereas you’d probably wear it to a ballroom wedding.

4. Remember to keep it classy- meaning don’t bare it all. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to feel sexy, but there is a very real line between classy/sexy and showing off everything you own.

5. For the fellas, a nice pair of dress pants will do. Navy or khaki are great colors that can be dressed up and down depending on the style of the wedding. A nice button down shirt is always a great pair with dress pants.

6. Try and stay away from the huge no’s- all white, all black (this is a wedding, not a funeral), jeans (I am passionate about this one), and anything that says “I didn’t actually put much thought into one of the biggest days of your life.” At the end of the day, the couple will care more that you came than what you look like, but at least try to show them that you’re there for more than free food.

7. You can be you and still look like you care. If you’re more of a pants person, rock those pants! Just do it with a dressy blouse and some killer flats. Want to wear a romper? Add a statement necklace. You don’t have to wear a dress to a wedding, but you do need to look occasion-appropriate.

8. Worst comes to worst, phone a friend. T.V. jokes aside, if you have friends that are going, ask what they’re wearing. If you don’t, send a few outfit choices to a friend and have them help you.

Happy wedding season folks.

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