2015 was a year of waiting for me. I said a lot- A LOT- of prayers to the Lord that weren’t directly answered. I asked for things boldly. I prayed for patience. I asked for changes in my heart to be made, expectant to feel differently about situations in my life quickly.

Nothing happened quickly.

As I look back on 2015, I realize now that my “word” for the year was WAIT. I heard the Lord over and over again ask me to wait. He would ask me to trust Him, have faith in Him and rely on HIm. He reminded me that HE knows what’s best for me and that all the things I wanted and was praying for- He had BETTER plans for me.

Wait, he said.

All. Year. Long.

I’m not good at waiting, and I’m sure you’re not either. It’s hard to wait. But when we wait, something amazing truly DOES happen. The Lord has the opportunity to strengthen our hearts. When He’s asking us to wait, He’s usually gently reminding us that He has something greater in store for us. If we are patient, it gives Him the opportunity to give us that blessing that He wants to bestow and it gives Him the most glory too. Waiting isn’t easy. There were times when I flat out felt like the Lord wasn’t listening. There were times that the silence was deafening. There were times that I knew that praying was the only option, even if I wasn’t hearing back what I wanted to hear.

I constantly heard, wait. So I did.

The things that are being revealed to me and to us (me and Jason together) now that I’ve spent this past season waiting and praying are exciting. I don’t have all the answers now, nor do I have a full view of the direction that we are heading. But I DO have peace. I feel like my heart HAS been strengthened. I feel a renewed sense of trust in the Lord. Waiting isn’t what I would have wanted. Choosing to be still goes completely against my nature. But Jesus knows what is best for my life, my family and my soul. And if waiting through some hard and difficult times is what it took to strengthen my heart, draw me closer to the Lord, and lead us directly where He wants it, then I would have it no other way.

Be encouraged. When the Lord asks you to wait, He isn’t being mean. He just knows what’s best for you. While you wait, your heart will be strengthened. You will truly seek Him when there’s no where else to turn and you’ll be drawn to His feet in anticipation of what’s next.

And there’s no better thing than that.

Jess xo