Turning “Work” Off

Let’s get a few things straight:

I love my career.

I love technology.

I love social media.

What I struggle with is setting boundaries of when I am and am not available. I started working when I was 16. That was 22 years ago. Back then, cell phones were analog and huge. No one called you. In fact, I’m pretty sure that I only had that phone for potential emergencies when I was on the road.

Fast Forward: I have answered my phone during a long-planned family vacation in Sea World to…

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Setting Healthy Boundaries

Living in the most “connected” world the Earth has ever known, boundaries have taken a huge hit. Obviously, I’m using the word connected here loosely and with a bit of sarcasm, because I feel our tech savvy generation is actually one of the most disconnected from human interaction.

Boundaries are important– they’re safeguards to protect our families and ourselves. “Boundaries” is also my word for 2016. I am personally on a journey to have more separation between work and home, and to spend more intentional time with my family, so I don’t miss out on these precious early years while…

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Saying No So You Can Say Yes.

Saying No So You Can Say Yes

Someone recently told me that they don’t know how I do it. When I asked what she meant, she said, “You say yes to everything! I just don’t know how you do it and keep it all together!” I totally and completely understand how it can look like that, for sure. But let me let you in on a little secret:

I actually say no to a LOT more than I say yes to.

How is that possible?

I know that I say yes to a lot of…

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Easy Baby Sensory Bag.

DIY Baby Sensory Bag

I am always looking for fun and cheap ways to entertain my 8-month-old daughter. When I happen to have all the items in my home, even better. My sister came across this and I thought what a great idea. So I’m passing it along here on Stellar Day Blog! I love easy and simple things that will entertain a little person for some time. And the fact that this is no mess, well I am sold!

Here is all that you need:

* A large Ziploc bag (I actually used…

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Heart, Be Still. God provides.

Coming from a Christian background with my dad as a pastor, it was instilled into me at a very young age just how fully God provides.  I’ve always looked at it from the material aspect of food, clothing and shelter.  But more recently God has shown me that He provides even more for our emotional and spiritual health.

As I am pursuing my opera, I am coached on a weekly basis to improve and understand the music and characters more.  Since having a baby, I would take her with me and she would, for the most part, sit through my lesson…

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Life Happens In the Mundane.

Hi! I’m Sarah! I’m guest blogging for Jess today, and sharing something that I’m learning and being challenged in as a wife and mother. I’m happy to share my heart today!

Change is something that either scares most people, or it’s seen as something that should be avoided. I think this is so that no extra energy has to be spent and also because we are tired. However, I find myself wishing for change more often than not. Not always big, life-altering change, but maybe one or…

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contributors wanted.

Contributors Wanted

Yes, you’re reading that right! The time has come to take this blog to the next level!

I’m doing a contributor call and here’s WHY:

I love blogging. I love encouraging. I love writing. I love sharing. Doing it all alone is fun, but I work WAY better with a team. I would love to have a small group of ladies who are passionate about different things who can ALSO share encouragement or expertise on their areas of interest. Plus, I would love to support others work, business, and share the…

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Did you guys know that Walmart has grocery pickup and delivery now?? I mean, whoever implemented up THAT seriously needs the hugest raise EVER.

*insert slow clap here*

Geez. I ordered my groceries online the night before, I drove up to the clearly marked pickup spot at my nearest Walmart, I called the phone number on the banner in front of me, and my groceries were brought out to me.

Walmart Pickup

Can I mention that I received the most wonderful service ever? AND a goodie box for my first time at…

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a small prayer.


It’s been a hard, exhausting, week.

I know you see this crazy season I’m in. I know you see how tired I am. I know you see how worried, anxious, scared, exhausted, lonely, and isolated I feel.

I also know you are with me.

You promise to uphold us, give us strength and to carry our burdens. You promise to draw near to those who seek you with all their hearts. You see where I am.

Help me to sort out my anxieties. Give me peace, joy, patience. Give me kind eyes when my kids look at my face. Eyes that light up…

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late night sewing. and a guest.

Today was an awesome day AND a hard day, all wrapped into one. Ever have one of those?

FIRST, we woke up to it raining. Actually, raining is an understatement. We woke up to the wettest day Phoenix has EVER had. Three inches of rain, mass flooding, schools cancelled, CRAZINESS. Everyone all over the news was begging everyone to STAY HOME and since we didn’t have anywhere important to be, we completely obliged and stayed off the streets.

Oh. Except when Jason ran out to get us Starbucks. Twice.

Priorities, people.

So we stayed home. And while we don’t have a pool, we…

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what my job means to me today.

Inspiration from Jessica Williams of Session Nine Photographers

Every day I’m grateful for what I get to do. When Jason and I set out to be photographers six years ago, it was a mere dream. A hope. We thought, if we could even just photograph a handful of people- enough to allow me to stay home- then that would be enough. So we took some deep breaths, trusted God, and just took an enormous leap of faith and started our photography business.

Now, it’s become something SO much bigger than we ever imagined. I am not only able to stay home with our kids, but we…

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a day off and rain.

Mom life on Stellar Day Blog

Mom life on Stellar Day Blog


After I posted yesterday’s post, I decided to take most of the day off today. I woke up this morning to both boys in bed with us, scared of the thunderstorms that were outside our bedroom windows at 6am, we had breakfast, spent almost all day at The Phoenix Children’s Museum, it POURED, I got Starbucks twice. We did some homeschooling after we got home which included making kangaroo masks and reading Charlotte’s Web. I cooked a simple dinner and

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