Stellar Day Magazine, June 2016

Who’s IN for an adventure?!

Our lives are made up of daily adventures, if we’d only take time to see it. Social media posts, every day comparison, discontentment and expectations can taint our visions for adventure in our lives. Well, we are here to remind you that adventure can be found in even the smallest season of life. Our hope is that the pages of June’s magazine would inspire your heart to see and find the adventure in your own life, to seek more adventure if you desire it, and to choose joy no matter what your circumstances are.

Special Thanks…

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Stellar Day Magazine, May Issue, 2016

Can you seriously believe it’s already MAY?!

But we are thrilled it is because this month’s issue rocks! This month’s theme is HOME. We all have preconceived notions about what our homes should look and feel like. A lot of times, we feel like it isn’t enough. Like we, aren’t enough. We’re here this month to encourage you that you ARE enough. We are all struggling to continue to figure out how to take good care of our families, our husbands, our in laws, our parents etc. It looks different for all of us, the good, bad and in-between, and…

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Stellar Day Magazine, April Issue, 2016

April’s Issue is here and live!! This month’s theme is BEAUTY. When I originally tossed out the idea to my team that we were going to write about beauty, they were all thrilled and excited. I never try to dictate what the girl’s write about, and fully try to pray over it each and every month to trust that the Lord will bring the right words. I was hoping that this issue would focus on the heart, with a few fun other things included.

Having never told the girls that, that is EXACTLY what this issue is. It’s full of beauty-…

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Stellar Day Magazine, March Issue 2016

March’s Issue is here and live!! This month’s theme is FOOD. I have dreamed about putting out an issue like this since we started this adventure, and I am SO excited that the day is here! I love food and how it brings people together. While I’m not the greatest cook or hostess, and my details rarely look close to perfection, I DO have a huge heart to be with people. And if this issue inspires you to try a new recipe, open your home to friends, or to try cooking more for your family, then that is more than…

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Stellar Day Magazine | February Issue

February’s Issue is here and live!! This month’s theme is FRIENDSHIP and I have long anticipated this issue. No matter what age you are, friendship is something we are ALL going to struggle through in ups, downs, highs, and lows. There’s going to be mountains, valleys, friends who last forever and friends who come and go after a short time. Wherever you’re at right now in your own personal seasons of friendships, this issue is jam packed with encouragement from women of all ages on all topics. It’s an issue that I hope and pray speaks to many, many…

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Stellar Day Magazine, January 2016 Issue

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Let’s just start with that! It’s a brand new year and we are kicking it off with a brand new magazine issue! This month, our theme is GRACE and boy does this issue sure deliver! The ladies that all contributed to this month’s magazine are ALL incredible. Each and every single one of them has such amazing things to say and encouragement to bring. My hope and prayer is that you each read this issue and afterwards can take a deep breath. A deep breath indicating that you TOO can face this new year with the…

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Stellar Day Magazine | December Issue 2015

December’s Issue of Stellar Day Magazine is live! I am thrilled to have completed our fourth issue and I again, am SUPER proud of it. I landed on the theme celebrate for obvious reasons. December IS a month to celebrate so much. But not only for the holidays, I really wanted everyone who contributed to be able to share ways we can celebrate that weren’t as obvious. Even though it’s December and there’s a hustle and bustle that fills the air, there is STILL the daily grind and in THAT we can find reasons to celebrate. My hope is that…

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Stellar Day Magazine | November 2015

November’s Issue of Stellar Day Magazine is live! I can’t believe that we have officially completed our second official issue. It’s longer than last month’s with even MORE women contributing. I again, am SUPER proud of it. The visions and momentum for the future that is building, is contagious. I am encouraged myself by the women who are reaching out to me to be a part of what we are doing here at SDB. This is a long time dream finally coming true, in ways I least expected it!

We are already jammin’ on December’s Issue. If you’re interested in contributing or sponsorship…

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Stellar Day Magazine.

I am SO happy this day is here.

A few weeks ago, I started a little newsletter. I thought it would be a fun way to bless my readers and to take something I’m passionate about and go one step further. So I launched it and got a great response. So I started working on October’s newsletter and before I knew it, I had 20 pages being designed and worked on! I knew that I couldn’t send out a newsletter that is 20 pages long. There’s just no way! So, in normal “Jess fashion”, I took it a giant step…

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