Stellar Day Magazine, June 2016

Who’s IN for an adventure?!

Our lives are made up of daily adventures, if we’d only take time to see it. Social media posts, every day comparison, discontentment and expectations can taint our visions for adventure in our lives. Well, we are here to remind you that adventure can be found in even the smallest season of life. Our hope is that the pages of June’s magazine would inspire your heart to see and find the adventure in your own life, to seek more adventure if you desire it, and to choose joy no matter what your circumstances are.

Special Thanks…

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Stellar Day Magazine, May Issue, 2016

Can you seriously believe it’s already MAY?!

But we are thrilled it is because this month’s issue rocks! This month’s theme is HOME. We all have preconceived notions about what our homes should look and feel like. A lot of times, we feel like it isn’t enough. Like we, aren’t enough. We’re here this month to encourage you that you ARE enough. We are all struggling to continue to figure out how to take good care of our families, our husbands, our in laws, our parents etc. It looks different for all of us, the good, bad and in-between, and…

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When Life Throws Water In Your Face

There are those moments in life, where you just get dumped on.  Moments where you are minding your own business, happily, and then, BAM, it hits you and there is absolutely NOTHING you can do to stop it. I realized this past week that these moments happen not just to strengthen us, but they also to bring memories, laughter, and remind us to not take life so seriously.  Enjoy the process even if it’s uncomfortable.

So, we are driving along to Flagstaff on this wonderful surprise trip I planned for my husband as a semi-Christmas gift. …

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2015 was a year of waiting for me. I said a lot- A LOT- of prayers to the Lord that weren’t directly answered. I asked for things boldly. I prayed for patience. I asked for changes in my heart to be made, expectant to feel differently about situations in my life quickly.

Nothing happened quickly.

As I look back on 2015, I realize now that my “word” for the year was WAIT. I heard the Lord over and over again ask me to wait. He would ask me to trust Him, have faith in Him and rely on HIm. He…

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Grieving Through A Miscarriage

**This is a REPOST of a blog post I did for Scottsdale Mom’s Blog a couple of years ago. Considering that I wrote it, I wanted to repost it here to share again. I’m super thankful to Scottsdale Mom’s Blog for giving me the space and platform to write so candidly about this when it was originally written.**

Grieving Through A Miscarriage

November is always an exciting month for me. Not only is it Thanksgiving, but my husband AND my oldest son both have birthdays this month. It’s the month…

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Stellar Day Magazine | November 2015

November’s Issue of Stellar Day Magazine is live! I can’t believe that we have officially completed our second official issue. It’s longer than last month’s with even MORE women contributing. I again, am SUPER proud of it. The visions and momentum for the future that is building, is contagious. I am encouraged myself by the women who are reaching out to me to be a part of what we are doing here at SDB. This is a long time dream finally coming true, in ways I least expected it!

We are already jammin’ on December’s Issue. If you’re interested in contributing or sponsorship…

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