Stellar Day Magazine, April Issue, 2016

April’s Issue is here and live!! This month’s theme is BEAUTY. When I originally tossed out the idea to my team that we were going to write about beauty, they were all thrilled and excited. I never try to dictate what the girl’s write about, and fully try to pray over it each and every month to trust that the Lord will bring the right words. I was hoping that this issue would focus on the heart, with a few fun other things included.

Having never told the girls that, that is EXACTLY what this issue is. It’s full of beauty- literally. It’s focus is SO way beyond physical beauty and every single issue taps into issues that ALL of us as women struggle with. There isn’t a single woman who won’t be able to relate to this on some level.

And that, moved me to tears while I was designing it.

This issue was meant to encourage you. It lives to bring dry bones back to life and to point us all to something bigger than ourselves. I am thrilled with this issue, and I hope and pray that many women relate to at least one of these gorgeous women who fill these pages. They represent us ALL, and I hope you resonate with it.

Special Thanks To:
Clothe The Nations
Nine Retreat
Jay & Jess Photography
Stephanie Neiheisel