Stellar Day Magazine, March Issue 2016

March’s Issue is here and live!! This month’s theme is FOOD. I have dreamed about putting out an issue like this since we started this adventure, and I am SO excited that the day is here! I love food and how it brings people together. While I’m not the greatest cook or hostess, and my details rarely look close to perfection, I DO have a huge heart to be with people. And if this issue inspires you to try a new recipe, open your home to friends, or to try cooking more for your family, then that is more than I could have hoped.

Dive on in, share it with your friends, and be encouraged. Food is an essential part to our every day, but it can be an area of great discouragement in our lives. My hope and prayer is that you would be inspired by this issue and by the women who helped make this issue what it is. They are all women, friends, wives, and moms just like you trying their best to make life rock. They’re an inspiration to me, and I hope they’re an inspiration to you too! Enjoy!

Special Thanks To:
Arizona Foodie
Clothe The Nations
Nine Retreat
Jay & Jess Photography
The Mom Made Market
Stephanie with City Mom’s Blog
Anna Merrell with Rodan & Fields