Self Care | A Quick Tip From Jess

I always think that self care is a good idea. My life goes through seasons of being able to really focus on this and to take care of myself. Sometimes, I have to put myself last for a little bit until a particular season is over but then I usually come back out on top and am able to make intentional time and space for myself.

The trick to self care, is that you can’t take on the world. I think it’s important to pick one or two things that are doable for you, and to try and do them every day. Taking a bit of time to do something small for myself every day, really helps my productivity levels, it helps my moods, and it helps my patience level. I need to note- it’s important to take a weekend away here or there to retreat, but self care should be done every day or every week at least IMO. Then the weekends away can just be bonus to refresh.

I focus on working out, and my skin. Both of which are a work in progress, but I AM working on them. For working out, I choose to do Barre 3. It’s easy on my joints, good on my back and it reminds me of dance. I danced for my entire life, so my muscles really feel good when I do Barre 3. I do this online workout every single day, as well as about 15-20 more minutes of Barre 3 moves that I do on my own after the video is done. If I don’t have time to do a full 30 minutes of working out, I at least do this 10 minute workout and it really boosts my moods. It’s ten solid minutes that I get to give to myself in the middle of some insanely crazy busy days. I even sneak my workouts in, in the bathroom while my kids bathe. I’m not even joking.

Self Care | A Quick Tip From Jess

We can all do that at least right?

Ok SKIN. I struggle with my skin. I have acne scars, and I still struggle with adult acne. It’s frustrating and embarrassing sometimes. So I have decided to really invest in making sure my skin is getting taken care of. My skin is sensitive too. So finding products that work is a real challenge.

At the beginning of January, I was introduced to Rodan & Fields products and oh,my,gosh, it’s SO awesome! I use the regime for sensitive skin called SOOTHE. It immediately took away all the unnecessary redness that was in my cheeks, hydrated my skin, cleansed it well, and has helped prevent most breakouts. I still get a few, so I’m looking forward to trying Unblemish soon.

Self Care | A Quick Tip From Jess

Here’s my before (no makeup on):

Self Care | A Quick Tip From Jess


Here’s my mid treatment photo (no makeup on):

Self Care | A Quick Tip From Jess

Bottom line? The results have been subtle for me but I FEEL huge differences. So that’s fantastic. I have loved using Rodan & Fields and can’t wait to try other products in the line. If you’re interested in trying the products, you HAVE to call my friend Anna. She is my consultant and she isn’t pushy, doesn’t sell you extra stuff for no reason, and she is the loveliest person to partner with. And THAT’S what it feels like you’re doing when you purchase from her. She genuinely cares to help people. She’s really passionate in her job and it shines through! I felt so comfortable explaining all my skin issues to her and walking through the process to find a good fit for me.

If you’re interested in chatting with her, you won’t regret it! You can get a hold of her HERE.

Taking care of my skin is another quick way that I can put myself first. In the morning for a few minutes so my skin can glow, and then again before bed so my skin can heal. It doesn’t take long you guys! But instead of just jumping in bed with all my makeup on, I spend the extra few minutes to take off my makeup and love on my skin a bit. It’s really important, as the largest organ of our body to nourish it.

So there it is. A little exercise and a little skin care. That’s what I do to put myself first for a few minutes each day. It makes a huge difference for me, and with three littles running around my house, it’s about all I can continuously commit to in this season. And that’s ok! There will be other seasons in my life that I can do more, but right now that’s where I’m at and that’s REAL LIFE.

What do YOU do to put yourself first daily? I’d love to hear it!