Mia’s Butterfly


Butterflies are beautiful.  It goes without saying.  They are symbols of new beginnings, transformation, and represent the hope of bursting forth from a restrictive cocoon to take flight into a brave, new world.  All very beautiful images indeed. My Mia, now 13 years old, has always reminded me of butterflies ever since her fascination with the butterfly garden kits began when she was little, allowing her to raise and feed caterpillars in a protected environment, watching them transform into butterflies before being released to the outdoors.  As we reflected on the theme of ‘beauty’ at Stellar Day Magazine last month, I’m reminded of this letter I wrote to her a couple years ago about believing in miracles and finding real beauty.


It’s mid-October 2014 and you are almost 12 years old, growing so beautifully physically, emotionally, and mentally.  There is an unusually large amount of butterflies around our neighborhood this time of year which is really odd considering it’s nowhere close to spring.  Apparently, according to the news, Monarch butterflies have been migrating to the Southwest, so that explains the abundance of butterflies lately. 

So, today you went for a swim and found a butterfly with tattered and torn wings that was desperately trying not to drown in the pool.  You immediately went into rescue mode and very delicately, gathered him in your palm, brought him inside to us and declared that you were going to save his life.  Your big, tender heart took over and I watched you carry around that poor butterfly around the house worrying about him.  Later on, after I realized I hadn’t seen you for a while, I asked Daddy where you went.  He, recognizing the gravity of this poor butterfly’s life and death situation, replied with his typical humor, that you were probably off administering some butterfly CPR somewhere (which we all know you would attempt to do, if you could). 

I imagine that you instead found a quiet spot in the garden to say a prayer and simply marvel at his frail but beautiful butterfly self.  Moments later, you ran in excitedly to report that you had, in fact, saved him!  With all your faith and hopefulness, you shared how you set him upon our orange lantana bush hoping that he would drink from the flowers and get some nourishment.  Then miraculously, he took flight! Was it an answer to your prayer; did you in fact attempt to resuscitate him like Daddy joked (which would be weird); or was it the super-food flower nectar that instantly revitalized him?  Hard to tell, but it did certainly feel like a miracle to you— and even more certainly like you had some part in his survival story—and really, that’s all that mattered. Because you believed.

Daddy, ever the joker, found this to be another comedic opportunity and began to channel the spirit of Queen Bey in her Destiny’s Child hey-day, singing a line of, “I’m a survivor, not gonna give up, though my wings are all torn up”, spinning his own witty twist on the lyrics to the Survivor song. (What would we do without a little corny daddy humor, right?).   But joking aside, he did capture something important: 

We have the responsibility to help those that are drowning, struggling, and fighting, so that they can tap into their survivor instinct.  And if we take an active role by showing a little TLC, praying, providing support and believing in miracles, we can help those feeling broken take flight again. 

I am always in awe of your sense of love and admiration for living creatures.  You show such great compassion for human suffering and have empathy like no other person I know.  I love seeing God work through you this way.  You remind us that life is fragile and beautiful and always worth protecting and nourishing.  Thank you for reminding me daily to show real beauty by loving and helping others learn to spread their wings and fly again.

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