In Defense of the Princess | Book Review

Having publishers and authors reach out to me to have Stellar Day review their books is a new and unexpected endeavor for me. It’s an endeavor that I COMPLETELY WELCOME with total open arms. I love books, I love to read, and opening up the Stellar Day Book Club is probably one of the smartest things I’ve done! It’s given me direction, focus, intentionality and purpose with reading again. And anyone who is a busy lady or mama knows that finding time to read can be anything but easy! This has been a joy to start in this journey and I hope to review many, many more books to come.

The first book that I reviewed, I made an official part of our Stellar Day Book Club! Here it is:

In Defense of the Princess
How Plastic Tiaras and Fairytale Dreams Can Inspire Strong, Smart Women
Author: Jerramy Fine

In Defense of the Princess Book Review

At first glance, the cover and title totally grabbed me. I love reading about things that inspire others, especially women. I have a daughter of my own, so reading about something that I could use to potentially inspire HER is something I’m also generally excited to read. A good book like this must be uplifting, encouraging, inspiring and challenging. I found that this book was ALL those things, AND to top it off? Totally empowering.

This is a GREAT book! Jerramy Fine¬†challenged me to look at the glittery world of princesses through different eyes. She encouraged me to remind myself what being an actual princess means, and that it means more than just finding your knight and shining armor. It means more than just being pretty, dressed up and heading to balls. Her story on her journey through discovering her inner princess is one that is empowering. She challenges us all to look at what society declares at as the norm (princess shaming), and to see it from the other side. To remind us that being and becoming a princess is actually hard work. It’s actually full of challenges, duties, helping others, being kind, and the list goes on.

I actually love that my little girl loves to play princess. But even still, I never quite saw it through the lens that Jerramy presented. I never connected that in playing this way, I’m actually encouraging her to chase her dreams, to be kind and good to entire kingdoms, and to care for others as princesses are supposed to do. Jerramy takes us through lists of actual modern day princesses who are doing everything but sitting on the sidelines waiting for their prince to arrive. These women work hard, make a difference every day, and have completely stepped up to their calling to do so.

She gives a voice to the dreamers, and I so admire her for doing so! My view on princess play has shifted. This book is a great read for anyone who is a woman, has daughters, nieces, friends- anyone. I completely enjoyed it and give it an excellent review.

On a scale of 1-5, (1 being awful and 5 being I could.not.put,it.down.) I give this book a 4! Everyone should read it if only to challenge your point of view. We all don’t have to agree on this, but Jerramy makes some excellent points in a manner that is fair and graceful to every woman.

If you’re interested in reading her book, you can pick it up here.

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Thank you Jerramy Fine and the staff at Running Press for allowing us to read and review this book! We are honored that you selected us and enjoyed the process very much!

In Defense of the Princess Book Review