DIY: How To Make A Popsicle Stick Shelf

I saw this craft a little bit ago and wanted to try to make it. Our son will be arriving this fall and I have started brainstorming what I envision his room to look like and I wanted to put this shelf on one of his walls. So stinkin’ cute and rustic looking. This project was actually really simple which I loved. The shelf itself is actually really sturdy which I was pleasantly surprised about. Let’s get started!

Here is what you will need:

How To Make A Popsicle Shelf

Popsicle sticks
Wood glue
Stain (optional)

So first, I drew on a piece of scrapbook paper about the size I was looking for by outlining 6 popsicle sticks. I put down 6 different sticks and glued the ends together. I actually waited for that first row to be completely dried before I started stacking the next sticks on top. I did that so that the first row would be super sturdy.

Once the bottom row was dry, I continued stacking the sticks onto each other. I glued the ends of each stick and placed the next stick on top of the stick I just placed, if that makes sense. The great thing about the craft is that you can do as many rows as you want. I just kept going until it looked like I wanted it to.

How To Make A Popsicle Shelf

The next step is staining the sticks if you like. If you do decide to stain the sticks, the glue needs to be completely dried. After I stained the sticks, I had to wait about two days before I could hang shelf since it took that long to dry.

How To Make A Popsicle Shelf

I love the result. This craft is super easy and does not take a lot of time. The only part you need to be patient about is the drying process after the stain is applied.

How To Make A Popsicle Shelf

So fun! Enjoy!!!!

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