It’s funny how the desert, a place devoid of any moisture and greenery, has earned a special place in my heart and the designation of home. I never used to like the desert. It was too hot, far from my friends back in Texas, and made my skin dry up. After meeting my closest friends there, going to a great high school and college, and getting married to my fabulous high school sweetheart, my perspective started to change. And now, as I am living in one of the most beautiful states ever, Colorado, I miss the desert.

I miss the cacti. I miss the sunsets. I miss hearing coyotes. I miss seeing the quail run across the roads. I miss the wide open spaces and the puny little mountains. I miss my friends and family.

We recently came home for our spring break, which was a much needed vacation. We actually got to spend some time doing nothing before we jumped back into our crazy busy social calendar and homework that absolutely had to be worked on. We got to hang out with our high school and college friends. We got to go to the Stellar Day potluck (which was amazing!). And by the time we had to make the long drive back to the land of the snowy mountains, I found myself wanting to stay. Normally on vacation, I can’t wait to get back home because I’m ready to get back to my daily routine, but this time was different.

It could be the fact that Arizona has a much lower cost of living and all our close friends and family live there. It could be that we already have a community, and don’t have to constantly keep working and building on a new one. It could be that it finally felt like home. Before Arizona, I lived in Texas for ten years, which is both crazy and blasphemous to me. When we left, I was so ready to go. I was done with my “friends”, the bullying, and ready for a clean slate. But for those ten years, Texas always held a place in my heart. But, I think it is moving aside for one of the happiest chapters in my life.

I’m pretty convinced that you can have multiple homes. Texas is in my blood; as we say, Texas forever. Arizona became my home as I discovered who I was and grew into adulthood. And Colorado is a beautiful place where we are living, but it’s not home. Arizona is home and oh, I miss it so.

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