In Defense of the Princess | Book Review

Having publishers and authors reach out to me to have Stellar Day review their books is a new and unexpected endeavor for me. It’s an endeavor that I COMPLETELY WELCOME with total open arms. I love books, I love to read, and opening up the Stellar Day Book Club is probably one of the smartest things I’ve done! It’s given me direction, focus, intentionality and purpose with reading again. And anyone who is a busy lady or mama knows that finding time to read can be anything but easy! This has been a joy to start in this journey…

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The Sweetest Little Bows

A few months ago, while searching for the perfect bows for my daughter, I ran across Jessica with Harrow Co Shop. I noticed that her headbands were made out of nylon instead of that super tight elastic. And her clips came with an alligator clip (that doesn’t pull fine hair). I had to try. I ordered a few bows and loved them! Not only were the bows cute, but they were hand delivered to me (she’s local to Austin) super quickly! BOOM. I was hooked. The headbands are so soft and don’t leave any marks on my daughter’s…

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Butterfly Wonderland

We went to Butterfly Wonderland for the first time yesterday! I was actually nervous about taking my youngest kiddos there, to be totally honest. I just thought my five and two year old would for SURE wreak some kind of havoc and end up murdering butterfly’s in the process of flailing about in tremendous fear of the winged creatures.

Butterfly Wonderland, Stellar Day Blog

But the opposite happened.


Isn’t that the truth?? Man alive. There were SO many butterflies! But…

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Self Care | A Quick Tip From Jess

I always think that self care is a good idea. My life goes through seasons of being able to really focus on this and to take care of myself. Sometimes, I have to put myself last for a little bit until a particular season is over but then I usually come back out on top and am able to make intentional time and space for myself.

The trick to self care, is that you can’t take on the world. I think it’s important to pick one or two things that are doable for you, and to try and do them…

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Giveaway | Purposed Life Art

Purposed Life Art has been one of my favorite online shops since it existed. I met Meghan when she was just pregnant with her third and she was just considering starting Purposed Life. I knew she was a brilliant artist and photographer, and was excited to learn that she loved to design clothes.

She is truly an artist!

She launched her business and I’ve been able to watch it grow- which is truly a passion of mine! There’s nothing I love more than seeing someone else’s success happen in business! I’ve purchased her clothes, I’ve…

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DIY Brown Sugar Lip Scrub

DIY Lip Scrub

I am obsessed with this recipe. It not only tastes amazing, but it actually works!

I love scrubs. In fact they are actually one of my most favorite gifts to give to friends. Scrubs are so stinkin easy to make. You can make practically any flavor you want. You can put them in cute containers and they are inexpensive. Yay for yet another budget friendly gift!

Ok, lets just get to the goods. Here is what you need.

DIY Lip Scrub

Nine Retreat.

Strong Women

Isn’t this so true? I admire women who take the time to encourage, uplift and who are life giving to be around. Not because of their energy, or their beauty, or who they know or who they know. But because they just continuously point to the good in others. They don’t gossip, they aren’t negative or heavy in their spirit. The words that slip off their tongue are that of peace, encouragement, inspiration and goodness.

I am going to NINE retreat next month, and let me tell you….

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The Drip Drop Shop Giveaway

I have another FUN GIVEAWAY for you today!! Have y’all heard of The Drip Drop Shop?? If you’re an essential oil user, you’re gonna wanna listen up!

Janae and Joy, friends and owners of The Drip Drop Shop saw a need and teamed up to make it happen! They have designed and created fabulous and beautiful labels and roller bottles for your essential oils, to help assist and inspire you. Instead of sloppy labels or unorganized oil bottles, they have designed a product and way to help YOU, dear essential oil user, to stay organized and for…

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DIY Fabric Wreath & A GIVEAWAY!

DIY Fabric Wreath

Let’s just start with THIS for a second. We are doing a GIVEAWAY of one of these fabulous wreaths!! Go check it out on our SDB Instagram!! Enter to win there! After you enter it, check out how to make more of these really fun and cool wreaths!

This is one of my favorite crafts to date. I was really excited to make this and see how it would take shape. I hope you all will enjoy learning how to make one and try yourself. Here is…

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Starbucks Cold Brew and Thankful Thursday.

Has anyone else tried this?? Why is no one else freaking out in the best ways possible??

If you know anything about me, it’s that I LOVE Starbucks.

Starbucks Cold Brew

See? That’s me LOVING STARBUCKS. Every. Morning.

I have a bonafide problem. I don’t try to hide it. There’s no need to be ashamed. I love the green straw and everything entailed with getting coffee at Starbucks. THEN. I found their Cold Brew!

Starbucks Cold Brew

I’m seriously asking, has anyone else…

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DIY Succulent in a Jar.

DIY Succulent in a Jar

I am always trying to think of perfect little gifts to give to friends, teachers, neighbors, etc… I think this little plant makes a great gift and it should last for quiet some time. I also tend to look for budget friendly gifts to give. This DIY is for sure budget friendly. Under 5$ you really can’t beat that. Here’s how easy this is. Get ready.


~A Succulent Plant (I purchased the one in the picture for under 3$)
~A baby…

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Thankful Thursday. And A Giveaway!

Our drive out to Cali this week wasn’t the easiest one. We photographed a wedding on Friday, I didn’t sleep much Friday night, and we got up early and out the door right away for our road trip. So this left me with little margin to even begin the day right and tried as I might have, I still wasn’t in the greatest mood.

The kids sensed it.

So they bickered in the car and at one point I sat there in the front seat and just cried. Sometimes crying just makes everything better, amiright?

After I cried, I sat there for…

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Banana Dippers.

Ok yuuuuuum. When I find something irresistible, I HAVE to share it. Now, I know that these aren’t brand new or revolutionary or anything. But they DO curb the cravings and satisfy for something sweet! We’ve been staycation-ing this week and it’s been tempting to overeat and fill up on junk food. Especially since we’ve been out by the pool and it’s HOT out!

So I grabbed these Dole Banana Dippers at Fry’s and they’ve been amazing to have on hand!! Satisfying, scrumptious, cold and a perfect snack.


Dole Banana Dippers

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Art Prints Every Fashion Lover Needs.

By Hannah West

A love of fashion doesn’t just influence what you buy and wear. It may determine what you study, what career path you choose, or even where you live. One thing is certain–it can definitely be an integral part of your home decor. Whether you’re looking to make a gallery wall or choose a single statement piece, here are a few ways that your walls can reflect your love of fashion.

Killing It

Via Urban Outfitters

Who needs pictures of colorful shoes and dresses to make a statement about…

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Easy Baby Sensory Bag.

DIY Baby Sensory Bag

I am always looking for fun and cheap ways to entertain my 8-month-old daughter. When I happen to have all the items in my home, even better. My sister came across this and I thought what a great idea. So I’m passing it along here on Stellar Day Blog! I love easy and simple things that will entertain a little person for some time. And the fact that this is no mess, well I am sold!

Here is all that you need:

* A large Ziploc bag (I actually used…

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