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Such true words. I find myself having to remind myself not to have any expectations for anything, anyone, any circumstance. The minute we expect certain things IS the moment that we are setting ourselves up for heartache. I’m learning to let people just BE. Let circumstances just HAPPEN. I’m not lowering my expectations for myself personally, but taking expectations off of everyone else frees us all up to just be human. And to just live next to one another. And it gives you freedom to make…

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a small prayer.


It’s been a hard, exhausting, week.

I know you see this crazy season I’m in. I know you see how tired I am. I know you see how worried, anxious, scared, exhausted, lonely, and isolated I feel.

I also know you are with me.

You promise to uphold us, give us strength and to carry our burdens. You promise to draw near to those who seek you with all their hearts. You see where I am.

Help me to sort out my anxieties. Give me peace, joy, patience. Give me kind eyes when my kids look at my face. Eyes that light up…

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late night sewing. and a guest.

Today was an awesome day AND a hard day, all wrapped into one. Ever have one of those?

FIRST, we woke up to it raining. Actually, raining is an understatement. We woke up to the wettest day Phoenix has EVER had. Three inches of rain, mass flooding, schools cancelled, CRAZINESS. Everyone all over the news was begging everyone to STAY HOME and since we didn’t have anywhere important to be, we completely obliged and stayed off the streets.

Oh. Except when Jason ran out to get us Starbucks. Twice.

Priorities, people.

So we stayed home. And while we don’t have a pool, we…

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unapologetically you.

Well, the weekend was HOT. Like, literally hot. Scorching hot outside in this barren desert. And we were outside working a LOT in the heat this weekend.

This weekend begun our fall 2014 season, officially! I finally feel like I have my head back in the game with our business. I had a baby almost seven months ago, and the first few months of her life I wanted to do nothing BUT be with her. The thought of working at all, was really, really hard. I kept having to tell myself that this is the life WE designed, wanted, and…

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what my job means to me today.

Inspiration from Jessica Williams of Session Nine Photographers

Every day I’m grateful for what I get to do. When Jason and I set out to be photographers six years ago, it was a mere dream. A hope. We thought, if we could even just photograph a handful of people- enough to allow me to stay home- then that would be enough. So we took some deep breaths, trusted God, and just took an enormous leap of faith and started our photography business.

Now, it’s become something SO much bigger than we ever imagined. I am not only able to stay home with our kids, but we…

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a day off and rain.

Mom life on Stellar Day Blog

Mom life on Stellar Day Blog


After I posted yesterday’s post, I decided to take most of the day off today. I woke up this morning to both boys in bed with us, scared of the thunderstorms that were outside our bedroom windows at 6am, we had breakfast, spent almost all day at The Phoenix Children’s Museum, it POURED, I got Starbucks twice. We did some homeschooling after we got home which included making kangaroo masks and reading Charlotte’s Web. I cooked a simple dinner and

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family, work and god.

God, family and work by Stellar Day Blog

God, family and work by Stellar Day BlogSometimes when people give you advice, you really REALLY have to hear it, think on it, and then decide if it’s actually advice worth taking.

I mean, right?

You can’t possibly take ALL the advice you’re ever given. It depends on who’s giving it to you, what your relationship is with them, how long you’ve known them, how they treat you- the list goes on. Right? Obviously, if it’s someone who’s mentoring you, a family member or friend that you trust, or someone else close…

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Inspiring words on Stellar Day Blog

Inspiring words on Stellar Day Blog


I’ve just come out of a season of waiting. Of wondering. Of crying. Of asking God WHY he’s doing all the things He’s doing in my life, and why it can’t be different.

It’s all come full circle for me this week.

It’s in hindsight that I realize, yet again, that God’s almighty power and plan, even for the small things in my life, are far greater than anything I could ever plan or organize. FAR GREATER. Walking through a dark valley, you always know and realize…

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