Community: More Than Church Attendance and Backyard BBQ’s

I was texting with one of my dear friends, Nicole today. We text from time to time (ok a lot) and encourage one another, lift each other up, and pray for one another. I have prayed long and HARD for friends like this. I have known Nicole for a long time, well over a decade, but we’ve reconnected this past year as she’s become one of my writers for my magazine and for the blog as well. Her heart is huge for women and she speaks so much truth to my soul more than she will ever know. She…

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Butterfly Wonderland

We went to Butterfly Wonderland for the first time yesterday! I was actually nervous about taking my youngest kiddos there, to be totally honest. I just thought my five and two year old would for SURE wreak some kind of havoc and end up murdering butterfly’s in the process of flailing about in tremendous fear of the winged creatures.

Butterfly Wonderland, Stellar Day Blog

But the opposite happened.


Isn’t that the truth?? Man alive. There were SO many butterflies! But…

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Self Care | A Quick Tip From Jess

I always think that self care is a good idea. My life goes through seasons of being able to really focus on this and to take care of myself. Sometimes, I have to put myself last for a little bit until a particular season is over but then I usually come back out on top and am able to make intentional time and space for myself.

The trick to self care, is that you can’t take on the world. I think it’s important to pick one or two things that are doable for you, and to try and do them…

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Life Changing Photo Shoot

“I’ll just come over and snap a few photos. No big deal, no stress. Just a casual little photo shoot for the magazine.”

That’s what I said to my sister a few days before I was to head over to her house to take some photos for the November Issue of the magazine. I didn’t realize that the project I was about to work on, would change my life.

When I arrived, her kitchen was ready, her recipe was ready, and we were going to bake! I had approached my sister about writing a little something about how much she loves…

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Seventh Happy Birthday

I’m sitting here listening to the rain POUR right outside my window. It’s chilly in my house and I just put my kids to bed. My husband just ran to Target for me to grab crepe paper and tape that I forgot to pick up while I was there and I’m CRYING.

The crepe paper is for decorating the hallway, as I do the eve before every child of mines birthday.

Tomorrow, Cruz turns SEVEN.

I don’t know if it’s because he’s my oldest, but whenever his birthday comes around, I always get really emotional. I know seven years old isn’ particularly…

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Building Authentic Community

I’ve struggled hardcore with community this year. Why? I’m not entirely sure. I’m surrounded by SO MANY amazing people. Like, SOOOO many incredible people who would do anything to help me and my family if I needed it. But somewhere in the midst of it all, I’ve still felt lonely. I’m not sure what it is. Or why.

But the struggle is there and the struggle is real.

I wrote about loneliness in Stellar Day Magazine’s October Issue, and I’ve come a long…

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Saying No So You Can Say Yes.

Saying No So You Can Say Yes

Someone recently told me that they don’t know how I do it. When I asked what she meant, she said, “You say yes to everything! I just don’t know how you do it and keep it all together!” I totally and completely understand how it can look like that, for sure. But let me let you in on a little secret:

I actually say no to a LOT more than I say yes to.

How is that possible?

I know that I say yes to a lot of…

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First Day of School and Other Motherhood Ramblings.


First Day of School

Cruz started school today! We are so excited for this new chapter. We have an amazing school and a lot of incredible things ahead of us I think! I snapped this photo of him this morning and it wasn’t until after I dropped him off that I really, REALLY looked at it. I had several friends text me today too to ask me how my mama heart was after I dropped him off (amazing friends!!) and to be honest? I was totally good- MOSTLY. I’m good because…

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It’s Not The Stork.

We all have the same dreaded fear. That our kids would ask us about sex at the worst possible time ever. OR that we wouldn’t know what to say when they ask. OR that we would say the wrong things and stammer over the facts, making them unclear or seem weird, or scary or just incorrect.


Talking about sex with your kid is totally not easy. Cruz asked me about sex a few months ago and do you know what I did when he asked?


His little eyeballs staring up at me.

“Mom? Mom?”


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Are You My Mentor? | Thoughts About Mentorship

This is a rhetorical question, really. But one I think we are ALL asking on some level. Who doesn’t want someone ahead of them in life, to do life with, for the LONG HAUL?

Can we just stop for a second and recognize that my title makes me feel like we are reading this children’s book:

Are You My Mother?

Have I been in ‘Mom Land’ for too long?


I have prayed for a consistent mentor in my life since I was in high school. I have prayed and prayed and prayed…

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Starbucks Cold Brew and Thankful Thursday.

Has anyone else tried this?? Why is no one else freaking out in the best ways possible??

If you know anything about me, it’s that I LOVE Starbucks.

Starbucks Cold Brew

See? That’s me LOVING STARBUCKS. Every. Morning.

I have a bonafide problem. I don’t try to hide it. There’s no need to be ashamed. I love the green straw and everything entailed with getting coffee at Starbucks. THEN. I found their Cold Brew!

Starbucks Cold Brew

I’m seriously asking, has anyone else…

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Thankful Thursday. And A Giveaway!

Our drive out to Cali this week wasn’t the easiest one. We photographed a wedding on Friday, I didn’t sleep much Friday night, and we got up early and out the door right away for our road trip. So this left me with little margin to even begin the day right and tried as I might have, I still wasn’t in the greatest mood.

The kids sensed it.

So they bickered in the car and at one point I sat there in the front seat and just cried. Sometimes crying just makes everything better, amiright?

After I cried, I sat there for…

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Why We Don’t Homeschool Anymore.

I sorta realized the other day that we stopped homeschooling and didn’t really tell anyone that we were doing that. Not that we NEED to share this decision with anyone. We share a lot about our lives in person and on social media platforms and we don’t mind doing it. We are open books for the most part and love bringing people along for the ride. But some decisions don’t really need to be publicized and that’s how we felt about this decision. We just needed some time to figure out where we were going to fit and what…

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Comparison Kills Joy.

Earlier last week, I did a post about Choosing Joy. Today, I’m doing a REPOST of a blog I wrote almost five years ago about comparison. If you’re a woman who struggles with this, mother or not, this is for you. I’ve come a long way in this battle, but let this be an encouragement to you. You CAN overcome the battle of comparison and let joy seep in and overflow your soul instead.

Enjoy this read today. I wrote it when I was in a dark place and just starting to find my way out.


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Getting Ready.

We’re getting ready! Our annual Fourth of July vacation/work trip is going to be underway soon and I’m so excited! The Fourth of July is my most favorite holiday and I’m not even sure why.

Like, I like it more than Christmas. HA.

I love summer so much. Even though it’s hot, even though it’s scorching, even though by August we all want to die I LOVE SUMMER SO MUCH. I love the BBQ’s, the swimming, the sun tan lotion, the vacations,…

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