Gathering at the Table

GatheringI recently blurted out at dinner to my husband, “If we ever plant a church, I want to call it The Gathering”. He chuckled, and continued to eat our yummy lemon herb chicken and potatoes. While I’m pretty sure that there are multiple churches around the United States that have this name, something just hit me as I was sitting around our dinner table with the man I love most in the world. Maybe it was some of the artwork we have on the wall that talks about…

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Potato Stamping | DIY by Christine Cram


Potato Stamping, Christine Cram, Stellar Day Blog

Have you ever tried potato stamping before? Well, talk about this inexpensive, fun craft! Most likely, you have everything you need already in your home. Yay for not having to spend a lot of money. I am a big fan of that.

Here is all you need:

~Potatoes (different sizes works great)
~A knife

Cut the potato in half, then cut the shapes/patterns you desire. Paint onto the part you want to show up and go to town stamping away. The potato acts as a stamp….

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Love You Forever

My poor son. I have become that creepy, stalker momma like the mother in the Love You Forever book by Robert Munsch.

I used to cringe at all that overly done, overly sentimental hugging thing going on in that book, but now that I have a boy I totally get it!  The story is about a mom who goes into her son’s room every night to steal hugs from him while he’s asleep as a baby, throughout his teen years when he’s getting into all sorts of mischief and even when he’s a grown man with his own place.  And…

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Stellar Day Magazine, March Issue 2016

March’s Issue is here and live!! This month’s theme is FOOD. I have dreamed about putting out an issue like this since we started this adventure, and I am SO excited that the day is here! I love food and how it brings people together. While I’m not the greatest cook or hostess, and my details rarely look close to perfection, I DO have a huge heart to be with people. And if this issue inspires you to try a new recipe, open your home to friends, or to try cooking more for your family, then that is more than…

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Experiences Over Things

Let’s be honest, my kids have WAY too many toys! I try to be minimalistic when it comes to the kids’ “stuff.” Everything can pretty much fit on 1 large shelf but with our recent move and unloading boxes and boxes of toys, it hit me. Or, maybe it was the fact that we live in a country now where toys are so expensive that most kids only have a few. For their whole life, I want to raise grateful kids that are not consumed with materialism (which can be hard to do in our culture!) and who love to…

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I dare you

Music has always had a part in my life.  I learn better by singing, I love to dance to music and in general, I just love to sing.  In fact, I’m always singing.  You might not hear me, but you better believe there is SOME song playing in my head at any given moment of the day.

And it could literally be ANYthing.  I mean, I make up songs if I don’t know one that fits the situation.  And I hear that people get frustrated because a song gets stuck in their head but, well, that’s just constant for me until…

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I AM With You

There I was, standing in front of the yogurt at the grocery store, tears welling up in my eyes. Now, blueberry greek doesn’t usually bring me to tears, but at this time, I was on the verge of breaking from more than I felt I could handle. Allow me to back up a hair.

This was several months ago. We were desperate for a few necessities and dinner was a mystery, so off to the grocery store I went. With both kiddos in tow (3 and 1.5 years at the time), I came up with a genius plan to get…

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Self Care | A Quick Tip From Jess

I always think that self care is a good idea. My life goes through seasons of being able to really focus on this and to take care of myself. Sometimes, I have to put myself last for a little bit until a particular season is over but then I usually come back out on top and am able to make intentional time and space for myself.

The trick to self care, is that you can’t take on the world. I think it’s important to pick one or two things that are doable for you, and to try and do them…

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Friends or “Friends”?

Friends or "Friends?"For the past couple weeks, I have severely limited my time on social media. As a millennial who loves having a smart phone, taking pictures and being online, this was a huge challenge. My husband and I have been attending a new church, which started a Daniel Fast on January 10th. A Daniel Fast, for those of you who aren’t familiar, is a time during which one cuts out pretty much everything but water, fruits, and veggies from their diet as a way to turn their…

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Let Go

“Be still, and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10

This verse has always been a tough one for me to put into practice. I am a chatty, energetic, and some may say, squirrelly, extroverted, curious woman and I have never been one to sit under a tree for an afternoon and ponder my thoughts in a journal. Don’t get me wrong, I wish I were more like that sometimes. But it’s just not me. It’s not the way Jesus wired me. So the concept of being still often sounds to me like being put in “time out.” Or like…

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30 Minutes | A Quick Tip From Jess

STELLAR DAY MAG | Feb 2016 Promo-1029This week, I found myself giving a friend of mine advice about time management, and the more I talked and shared about it, the more I realized that I was actually sorta passionate about it! Not that I was passionate about the time management, really. More about helping her to find some relief in her working life AND in her mom life. It’s freaking hard to work and be a mom. It’s hard no matter what. It’s just hard.

The number one question I…

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Cultivating a Heart of Love

About a year ago I started to reconnect with one of the leaders from my days of attending college group at church. We hadn’t really been in contact for quite a number of years and then we met again in a mutual friend’s hair salon.  As I listened to her talk in the salon that night her words resonated with me. A few weeks later I found myself struggling through some things and felt the Lord prompting me to reach out to her. We texted a little bit and then scheduled a coffee date to meet up and talk…

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Thirteen Again

Thirteen Again

About 10 years ago, someone told me I look like Jennifer Garner and I have held on too tightly to that compliment over the years.  Her movie, 13 Going on 30, where her adult body becomes 13 again emotionally and mentally, is one of my favorite rom-coms.  At this stage of my parenting life, I literally do feel 13 Again as I relive the emotional ups and downs that come with helping my girls confront friendships that may not be so healthy for them at the time being….

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Family Dreams

My husband and I were sitting on the floor together playing games with our kids on New Years day. They are little; still toddlers and we were talking about what we really wanted for their future. What dreams we had for our family, for them before they head off to college. Even though that seems so far away, as we approach the preschool/kindergarten years, it hit us that there are things we really do want for them…things that are bigger than us and our own dreams. Our family dreams.

As we talked about the year ahead and set goals, we…

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Valentines Day Gifts Ideas For Your Friends

February is one of my favorite months. It’s not only my husbands birthday, but its also Valentines Day. Now I am not the biggest fan of Valentines Day- I think its overrated as well as I think people should show love all throughout the year, not just a designated day…you feel me? With that, I have some gift ideas to surprise your friends with. Whether single, or married, every friend would enjoy and appreciate these special gifts.

Baked goodies

I love making baked goodies for my friends, whether it’s a holiday, or just for fun! Baked goodies are the way to…

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