Rest by Sarah Trapp

I write this post tired. Exhausted. Worn out. It’s been a long work week, with crazy students, a sick husband, and not too much sleep. My body is tired. My soul is tired. When something weighs on me emotionally, I feel it physically. When lots of little things add up, I get slammed. Overwhelmed. Worn out. Sometimes I can’t explain my tiredness. Sometimes I can explain it all too well. Want to know something I’m really bad at? Rest. No matter how tired I am, I want to…

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Summer Punch Time! Mmm.

Summer Time Punch

Summer is here, Yay!!!  Or not because of the heat.  But wherever you are on your feelings of summer, I thought it would be appropriate to demonstrate a move today that is quick and easy to fit in and packs a crazy workout in a short period of time.  Because let’s face it, time is a premium and no one has time to be stuck in a gym for an hour in the summer.  And since summer means cookouts and punch…

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How To Make Homemade Ice-cream Cake.

If your kids are like mine, then they probably don’t like cake. None of my kids like cake, but they LOVE ice cream “cake.” It is SUPER EASY and delicious! It’s our go-to family favorite and has now become our tradition and what every kid asks for at every birthday.

So I’m sharing it with you here today!

Ice Cream Cake

Recipe –

* Whatever ice cream (1/2 gallon) is the favorite of the birthday kid. We love using Mint Chocolate Chip or Reeses.

* Brownie or cookie crust

What to do – 

1. Make the crust. For…

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DIY Vintage Wrapped American Flag

DIY Vintage American Flag

For some reason I do not have a lot of decorations for the 4th of July…so I thought why not make something real quick and easy. Today I’m going to show you how to make a DIY Vintage Wrapped American Flag! So easy and really super cute!

Here is what you will need:

Fourth of July DIY

~A hot glue gun

~Twine (I did not have any white so I used just a neutral color)

~Something for the “star” part (I had felt…

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Stellar Day Boutique!

Man this is an exciting week!! First, I announced all my new and amazing contributors, and now today I am announcing this! My Etsy shop, Stellar Day Boutique, has re-opened!! After taking a long break from making and selling bows, I have re-opened with a new vision, a new designer helping me, and a new take on the items I want stocked in my shop.

Stellar Day Boutique

I have collaborated with Ashley Blunt from The Pink Ruffle, and she created the new summer line that I have just…

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Announcing SDB Contributors!

I am BEYOND EXCITED to announce the ladies who have been chosen to be regular contributors for Stellar Day Blog!! I had a fantastic turn out, lots of applicants, and a lot more women who have reached out to guest blog from time to time.

I have been THRILLED and humbled with the talented and encouraging women who have all wanted to be apart of this blog with me. Seriously, I am one blessed gal. Thank you to everyone who applied!! I’m still taking guest bloggers and collaborators, so if you have an idea for a post that you think…

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Heart, Be Still. God provides.

Coming from a Christian background with my dad as a pastor, it was instilled into me at a very young age just how fully God provides.  I’ve always looked at it from the material aspect of food, clothing and shelter.  But more recently God has shown me that He provides even more for our emotional and spiritual health.

As I am pursuing my opera, I am coached on a weekly basis to improve and understand the music and characters more.  Since having a baby, I would take her with me and she would, for the most part, sit through my lesson…

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The Comparison Game, Part 2.

In my last post, I talked about what I call the Comparison Game. It’s a nasty cycle of becoming jealous of things we don’t have and comparing our lives against others. We let the circumstances and experiences of others determine our worth and the future that we create for ourselves in our minds. It’s a hard cycle to break, and I’m going to be completely honest: I haven’t broken it yet. Here’s a little bit of my struggle with the Comparison Game.

This issue has been on my heart for quite some time. I didn’t quite realize how much of…

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The Comparison Game, Part 1.


Comparison Game

While I was going to start with a super light and fun blog post, that’s just not who I am. When an issue is on my heart, I have to speak about it. But before I get super personal with y’all, here’s a little bit of information about me! My name is Sarah Trapp, one of the contributors here at Stellar Day Blog. I’m a 21-year-old married to my wonderful husband of one year, Sawyer Trapp. We live in Denver, Colorado and both are currently attending Denver Seminary; he…

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Life Happens In the Mundane.

Hi! I’m Sarah! I’m guest blogging for Jess today, and sharing something that I’m learning and being challenged in as a wife and mother. I’m happy to share my heart today!

Change is something that either scares most people, or it’s seen as something that should be avoided. I think this is so that no extra energy has to be spent and also because we are tired. However, I find myself wishing for change more often than not. Not always big, life-altering change, but maybe one or…

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DIY Lace Heart.

Christine CramHi! I’m Christine and I’m excited to be guest blogging today!

A little about me real quick before we get to the fun stuff. I have been beyond blessed with an amazing and smoking hot hubby for the last three years of my life. We have an incredible 7-month-old daughter who is the love of our lives. For fun I love getting my craft on, spending legit time with people that I love, and enjoying yummy food. My hubby and I also love to create things together,…

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