Life Changing Photo Shoot

“I’ll just come over and snap a few photos. No big deal, no stress. Just a casual little photo shoot for the magazine.”

That’s what I said to my sister a few days before I was to head over to her house to take some photos for the November Issue of the magazine. I didn’t realize that the project I was about to work on, would change my life.

When I arrived, her kitchen was ready, her recipe was ready, and we were going to bake! I had approached my sister about writing a little something about how much she loves…

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Grieving Through A Miscarriage

**This is a REPOST of a blog post I did for Scottsdale Mom’s Blog a couple of years ago. Considering that I wrote it, I wanted to repost it here to share again. I’m super thankful to Scottsdale Mom’s Blog for giving me the space and platform to write so candidly about this when it was originally written.**

Grieving Through A Miscarriage

November is always an exciting month for me. Not only is it Thanksgiving, but my husband AND my oldest son both have birthdays this month. It’s the month…

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Stellar Day Magazine | December Issue 2015

December’s Issue of Stellar Day Magazine is live! I am thrilled to have completed our fourth issue and I again, am SUPER proud of it. I landed on the theme celebrate for obvious reasons. December IS a month to celebrate so much. But not only for the holidays, I really wanted everyone who contributed to be able to share ways we can celebrate that weren’t as obvious. Even though it’s December and there’s a hustle and bustle that fills the air, there is STILL the daily grind and in THAT we can find reasons to celebrate. My hope is that…

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December Issue Coming Soon

We are currently finishing up December’s Issue of Stellar Day Magazine! Man oh man I am SO proud of it! Tomorrow launches us into a new month with tons of new posts from the Stellar Day Contributors. And THEN we have Stellar Day Magazine going live on the 2nd!

The first week of each month are quickly becoming my favorites.

So stay tuned! There is much to see and celebrate! We’re pumped!!

Jess xo

Stellar Day Magazine

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Crockpot Spaghetti

Crockpot Spaghetti

Everyone needs a good, solid spaghetti recipe right? If you already have one, I just miiight need to have that one too. I LOVE spaghetti. I could eat it all the time. I have to intentionally space out and plan when we have it because I could seriously eat it all.the.time and I shouldn’t. I don’t.


I found this easy crockpot recipe for spaghetti and I was a skeptic at first. It didn’t seem like spaghetti would turn out in the crockpot. BUT it was really delicious and…

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Seventh Happy Birthday

I’m sitting here listening to the rain POUR right outside my window. It’s chilly in my house and I just put my kids to bed. My husband just ran to Target for me to grab crepe paper and tape that I forgot to pick up while I was there and I’m CRYING.

The crepe paper is for decorating the hallway, as I do the eve before every child of mines birthday.

Tomorrow, Cruz turns SEVEN.

I don’t know if it’s because he’s my oldest, but whenever his birthday comes around, I always get really emotional. I know seven years old isn’ particularly…

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Happy Veteran’s Day!

We are SO thankful for all the men and women who have served and who are currently serving our country. Men and women who have spent countless hours away from their loved ones, to help keep ours safe. Men and women who have sacrificed SO much, and many who have sacrificed their lives.

We have so much to be thankful for to our Veteran’s.

This was Jason’s Grandpa. He was an amazing man and very special to our family. He passed away several years ago and he’s very missed. But during his lifetime, he served our country in the army, did…

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Epic Bone Broth FAIL

Epic Bone Broth Fail

I’m not on a health kick, I don’t care what you say. I have been on a JOURNEY to figure out what healthy living means for me. Some days it’s really easy, some days it’s really hard. Some days I have chronic pain, some daysI feel awesome. It’s all a balancing act and every day looks a little different.


So, when I decided to try to make my own bone broth, my husband wasn’t totally surprised. I had read that it was really good for inflammation…

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New Contributor : Introducing Brianna VanderWeide

Brianna VanderWeide

There has been SO much growth within this past week! I’m constantly saying how humbled I am about the people who are jumping on board with Stellar Day and everything we’re doing here. It’s been an amazing little journey, and people keep emailing, texting, and telling me “This is BIG. I can FEEL it!” and I’m just humbled even more! God is answering dreams of mine that I didn’t know I had. He’s building a community of women that I have LONGED to see built. And I’m blown away…

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New Associate Magazine Editor: Introducing Jennifer Stamps

I am completely humbled to announce that I have officially brought on an Associate Magazine Editor to the Stellar Day team!! It’s with gladness and pure excitement that I introduce to you Jennifer Stamps!

Associate Magazine Editor, Jennifer Stamps

Jennifer and I have known each other for a LONG time. Then, several years ago she asked Jason & I to photograph her wedding in Austin, Texas (in the seriously coolest hotel ever, but I digress). She and I have followed each other’s journey’s through social media and have remained friends and supportive…

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Stellar Day Magazine | November 2015

November’s Issue of Stellar Day Magazine is live! I can’t believe that we have officially completed our second official issue. It’s longer than last month’s with even MORE women contributing. I again, am SUPER proud of it. The visions and momentum for the future that is building, is contagious. I am encouraged myself by the women who are reaching out to me to be a part of what we are doing here at SDB. This is a long time dream finally coming true, in ways I least expected it!

We are already jammin’ on December’s Issue. If you’re interested in contributing or sponsorship…

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Washing Your Spouses Feet | Marriage Talk

We photographed a wedding this past spring with a sweet couple. Dana & Allie have a little special place in our hearts, and so do their families. We’ve known them for awhile and were able to witness a good portion of their relationship spanning several years. When they got engaged and asked Jay & I to be their photographers, we were SO excited.

I STILL am blown away that people invite us in to capture such intimate moments.

This moment we were able to capture, is what I am highlighting today. Dana & Allie chose to do a first…

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Juicing Inspiration for Beginners

How to Begin Juicing

Have you ever tried juicing? It always, ALWAYS intimidated me.

Then I went to the Nine Retreat, and one of the speakers there shared with us how to juice effectively, and in such a way that would make it doable for our lives.

What I heard: It’s NOT complicated. It IS affordable. And it IS doable.

I had the most amazing time at Nine. I haven’t fully blogged a recap about it yet, because I just can’t put the experience into written words quite yet. It was such…

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Fall Decor DIY’s

Have you seen all of Christine’s DIY’s that she’s done for SDB this month?? I have ALL of them in my house currently, and I love every single one. They all sit together nicely on this old record player that I own, and it makes me so happy! Check it out:

Fall DIY's

You can also have all her DIY’s in your home. She walks you through them step by step. There’s still time in the month of October to make all of these for your home, and best yet? They aren’t…

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