30 Minutes | A Quick Tip From Jess

STELLAR DAY MAG | Feb 2016 Promo-1029This week, I found myself giving a friend of mine advice about time management, and the more I talked and shared about it, the more I realized that I was actually sorta passionate about it! Not that I was passionate about the time management, really. More about helping her to find some relief in her working life AND in her mom life.┬áIt’s freaking hard to work and be a mom. It’s hard no matter what. It’s just hard.

The number one question I get in my life is “HOW ARE YOU DOING ALL OF THIS??”

I get it. It looks like I can balance a lot and let me start my saying, I CAN. I actually can take on a lot of things at once without feeling overwhelmed or stressed. You can ask my nanny and our interns that are inside our home on a daily basis. Stressed is not a word that you can use to describe Jess on MOST days. We all have stressful days, but overall- I’m not stressed in all the things I have to balance. That’s because I don’t look at all the things I have to do as things I need to balance. I don’t aim for perfect balance in my life. For me, there’s really no such thing.


I look at my life as a pendelum. The pendelum swings back and forth. Sometimes, work life is heavy and there’s lots to do so I have to sacrifice a little bit of family life to get everything done. Sometimes my kids need me more than work does and so I have to put work down for a little while until that day, week, or season passes. But it’s constantly in motion, constantly swinging and occasionally does everything come to the perfect middle in perfect balance, but it’s not long before it’s swinging heavy the other way.

In order to manage the chaos that can ensue if one isn’t organized, I look at my life in 30 minute windows. No matter what part of my day I’m in, I try to take 30 minutes to do the task that is directly in front of me (or shorter if it can be done!). It’s all about working smarter not harder! So if it’s dishes and kitchen cleanup from breakfast, I watch the clock or set a timer. When 30 minutes are up, wherever I am at, I put it down and move onto the next thing. Is it emails? 30 minutes at my computer to get a good chunk carved out and once the timer is up? I move onto the next thing. Is it blogging? Is it playing with my kids? Is it laundry?

No matter what it is, I decide what needs to be done and do it with my ENTIRE heart for that 30 minutes. Usually, I can get things picked up and cleaned up in under 30 minutes. And yes, sometimes it means that things aren’t done all the way and that drives some people bonkers. But I’ve learned to live in the pendelum and to eb and flow with my day. I find that I can accomplish more if I work in 30 minute windows, my mind is fresher because it’s constantly thinking about different things, and I feel like a little bit of everything is getting done instead of one or two things at a time which helps my stress level a lot.

So there it is! Just a quick thought from me since people ask all the time. Have more questions?? Leave them here and I’ll answer another one soon!!

Jess xoxo